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  • Will you branch out farther rather than just apparel and accessories and mugs?
    Absolutely, we also plan on one day making 3D models of our characters for everyone to enjoy that will be painted and such and maybe even making campaigns for D&D in the future that would be available for purchase if the miniature models do well. Also any suggestions for content or any custom designs can also be suggested through contacting us at the links that are available below.
  • What are your plans if this takes off?
    If the site does really well and I start making more money here than I do at my current job then I plan on focusing on this full time and really pushing the product and brand and creating more deisngs, maybe even doing some myself and just enjoying life.
  • How did Clowder Corner start?
    It started off as a merch brand for Twitch Streamer TonyTheTigerWC. He has since refocused and continues to stream, but realized a passion in wanting to create cute designs and the like for everyone to enjoy.
  • How did/do you get your designs
    We have several friends that are artists that we commission with an idea and then compensate them based on design and sales to help support their work and also as a thank you for their patronage in helping move our brand forward.
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